Tandem Studios


About Us: Philosophy

To photograph a wedding is to be a silent witness, ever present yet never obtrusive, capturing the essence of the instant; a storyteller with a camera. Great weddings are a reflection of your love and your celebration of the human spirit. We want our pictures to be a reflection of your joy, your togetherness and the solemn grace with which you will say “I do”.

As photographers, we are disciples of the art of observation. Solemn or joyous, staged or candid, it is those intense moments that make up the intricate fabric of a wedding: you laugh and you cry in the same breath, we are there; you fiddle with a ring that won’t slip on your partner’s fidgety finger during your vows, we are there; and if you happen to do the crocodile dance with your long lost friend who traveled from the other side of the earth, we are definitely there!

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